Bathroom Safety

If you’re looking into a disabled bathroom modification or complete disabled bathroom renovation, Style Bathrooms specialises in disabled friendly bathrooms with expertise to meet specific disability needs.

With over 20 years of experience, we focus on universal designs tailored to meet your needs to better accommodate wheelchair users for wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

We make sure that you remain independent with disabled bathroom renovations with the option of being wheelchair friendly to help you live with more freedom and dignity.

Over 4 million people in Australia have some form of disability; that’s 1 in 5 people who require an accessible and safe disabled bathroom renovation that Style Bathrooms strive to deliver to you and the whole of Adelaide.

We provide luxurious, safe and accessible bathrooms that are also stylish, offering a comprehensive range in wheelchair accessible bathrooms, carer-assisted disabled showers and level access showers for the disabled.

Through our clear and concise floor plans we provide ultimate flexibility while guaranteeing your ideal disabled bathroom renovation is safe, secure and simple to use – for complete peace of mind and relaxation in the bathroom.

5 questions to consider when planning a disabled bathroom:

  1. What bathroom activities require you to need assistance?
  2. Do you prefer a tub or shower?
  3. Do you require medical supplies and where do they need to be placed?
  4. What activities can you independently manage and where should grab bars be placed?
  5. What are your needs in the future?

Our wheelchair friendly bathrooms are purposefully designed and installed to meet an individual’s wants, needs and bathing requirements.

We offer walk-in showers and walk-in bath tubs as well as a vast range of roll-in showers that allow wheelchair users to enter directly, centralising your wheelchair friendly bathroom design and making your choice as easy as possible. Specialising in wheelchair accessible bathrooms, Style Bathrooms also offers various showering solutions, while adhering to essential specifications for shower, toilet and sink access.

At Style Bathrooms we work closely with you to ensure your customised disabled bathroom comes together just the way you want it – from grab bars to non-slip floors, anti-scald valves to adequate storage allowing accessible placement for all items – no detail is spared when it comes to your disabled bathroom renovation.

5 essential solutions when designing a wheelchair accessible bathroom:

  • Safe Bathroom Shower A wheelchair friendly bathroom requires its door width to be at least as wide as 36 inches for people to be able to enter and exit comfortably
  • The door location should position itself opening into a room instead of a narrow hallway and use lever style door handles that are easier to use than doorknobs
  • A curb-less shower is ideal for a wheelchair friendly bathroom with the shower entrance level with the floor
  • Toilets should be positioned with enough space for wheelchair access with at least one grab bar to one side. Ideally however, it should be placed between two support bars 36 inches apart with toilet seats recommended to be between 17 to 19 inches high for optimum comfort
  • Sinks are mounted on walls with no cabinets underneath to provide open knee space for easy wheelchair access.

With over 20 years’ experience, you can trust Style Bathrooms with a detailed, well thought-out and thorough design and renovation for a disabled bathroom that will last you for years to come in addition to good quality materials that we utilise. Contact us today for a no-obligation in-house consultation.


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