How To Design Elegance In The Ensuite

How To Design Elegance In The Ensuite

While widely overlooked, a well-designed ensuite can greatly elevate the care and detail you’ve placed into your bedroom architecture. Even simple bathroom designs can make an ensuite feel like an extension of the main bedroom, instead of a separate room with different design elements.

However, working on a good aesthetic for your ensuite bathroom can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the space to make sweeping design changes.

So, no matter if you’re looking to redesign your ensuite bathroom completely or need some tips on designing one for a future renovation, here are a few pointers on giving your ensuite a more refined and elegant feeling.

1. Layout & Design

Ensuite bathroom designs can vary depending on the size and space at your disposal. Unless you plan on entirely renovating the ensuite, you may need to get creative to work on your stylistic choices within the given dimensions.

Overdesigning an ensuite can result in unnecessary clutter. As such, a simple design is often best and can give off an air of refinement as well. To accomplish this, position your bathroom fixtures along one side of the wall, leaving an open space for movement in your ensuite. It makes it easier to move around without accidentally bumping into something.

2. Lighting & Ventilation


Natural lighting and ventilation are essential for the aesthetic and feel of your ensuite, as well as to prevent mould growth caused by damp and dark conditions.

Installing an external window is a great way to increase natural light in your ensuite while also providing adequate ventilation if left open. Large, fixed windows are excellent for aesthetic purposes, especially if you live in a natural setting.

If your ensuite does not have enough space for a window along the walls, you can try installing a skylight instead. Although an operable skylight is ideal for ventilation, a fixed skylight can still provide plenty of light for your ensuite.


When installing lights in your ensuite, keep in mind what sort of colour temperature you would want to have.

You’ll generally want your bathroom lights to be around daylight levels, as that’s the colour temperature that allows you to see the most minute details. However, cases can be made for warmer colour temperatures depending on the atmosphere you’d like to have.

As for ventilation, installing a ventilation fan can greatly help with air circulation in your bathroom, although you will need to find a space for wiring and installation.

Select The Right Tiles

3. Material & Décor

Colour Palette

It doesn't have to be white just because it's a bathroom. Feel free to use some colour or dark tones to give your ensuite some personality, as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing.

However, for the sake of longevity, you may want to choose a more neutral palette for your permanent fixtures. Neutral colours for items like your bathtub or vanity top ensure that they will never go out of style and can accommodate changes in the colour palette of your ensuite without requiring full replacements.

Materials To Use

The right materials can improve the overall appearance of your ensuite while also being extremely resistant to wear and tear. Given the high moisture content, ceramic or porcelain tiles are your best bet for flooring, with ceramic basins being an eye-catching yet dependable choice.

If you want a wood vanity or shelf, make sure it's properly lacquered and waterproof to keep the wood from deteriorating in humidity.

You should also ensure that the water fixtures in your ensuite are high-quality and built to last, as replacements can be expensive.

Style Continuity

Treat your ensuite as an extension of your main bedroom. The materials and colours chosen for your ensuite don’t have to match the bedroom’s overall style exactly, but you can at the very least select a palette that allows your ensuite and bedroom to complement each other without clashing.

Consult The Experts

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