Bathroom Wet Wall Panels No grout, Easy clean, Low Maintenance


Bathroom Wet Wall Cladding

Bathroom wallingStyle Bathrooms is excited to be able to offer Wet Wall finishing as an alternate option to Tiling in the bathroom

Wet Wall is a long-lasting, waterproof, interior wall lining system with a hygienic easy-to-clean, high-impact surface which makes it perfect for bathrooms and wet areas. Because of the ease of install it also lowers labour times and costs significantly.

This means Wet Wall is a fantastic product to use for bathroom renovations or brand new bathroom installations and can be used in commercial bathrooms, residential bathrooms for the disabled or aged care, shower enclosures and even kitchens.

Wet Wall Bathroom Cladding

The Wet Wall Benefits

There are many reasons why a wet wall in a bathroom is a better alternative to tiling.

  • Clean lines, no-grout & non-porous
  • Easy clean & extremely low-maintenance
  • Bathrooms back in-use quickly
  • Longevity, stays looking fresher for longer
  • Wide range of décors and textures to give a unique look
  • Significant material cost savings
  • No need for specialised trades
  • Hard-wearing, vibrant interiors

Bathroom Wet Wall Installation

One of the greatest features of wet wall is the ability to save time on the install due to it ease of fitting to your bathroom project. Wet Wall comes with a unique tongue and groove interlocking system which has been precisely engineered to make sure it locks out moisture. If installed correctly it will maintain this for a minimum of 10years.

It can be installed into a bathroom after the below procedures have been followed:

  • Ensure all walls are flat and even – if not, a timber batten frame or alternative packing is required
  • tongue and groove panels can either be screw fixed or bonded to the wall with high-grab adhesive
  • Peel back part of the protective film to check all panels for colour shading differences, flaws, defects or damage
  • Dry joint all tongue and groove panels to ensure a sufficiently flush and tight joint will be achieved between all panels

Wet Wall Colour Selection and Styles

The Wet Wall system isn't just a plain flat colour and surface. There are a number of styles, textures and colours that can be used together or separately to style and design your bathroom.

To find out more about how a Wet Wall system with Style Bathrooms could benefit your new bathroom or bathroom renovation, contact us for more information.