Secrets To Achieving The Perfect Bathroom

As important as they are functionally, bathrooms are also a core part of making the aesthetics of your home come together. This is why you should place just as much importance on bathroom style and design during home renovation projects.

Renovating your bathroom can be a challenge, and balancing the practicalities of your bathroom with the aesthetic aspects can be even more difficult. So in this article, we’ll be discussing the critical secrets to achieving the perfect bathroom, listed below in a handy guide.

1. Set a Budget

Before you begin coming up with any design plans, it’s a good idea to define a budget for your bathroom renovation endeavour, as bathroom renovation costs in Adelaide are an essential factor in determining the rest of your project moving forward.

It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but having an upper spending limit can allow you to prioritise which aspects of the renovation you would like to spend or save on, getting the most out of your renovation plans.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t splash out on a large bathtub or high-quality floor tiling. Just be sure to allocate your budget appropriately when it comes to luxury purchases.

modern-luxury-wood-bathroom-ensuite2. Know What You Want

Now that you have your budget, you can decide on what the goals are for your bathroom renovation. You should focus on three major factors to define said goals, which are:

  • The essentials that you need
  • The features that you want
  • What you might want or need in the future

Make a list of what your bathroom needs and which components are nice to have. Don’t forget to consider factors like how many people are using a particular bathroom; is it a shared family bathroom, or an ensuite with fewer users?

It would help if you also took the time to look for inspiration, either online or otherwise. Having design examples can help you solidify how you want your bathroom to look and feel, making it easier to plan out details such as colour palette or floor tiling.

3. Be Realistic

Whether it’s space, plumbing, or budget, there are certain limits to how creative you can get with your bathroom renovations. Try to keep your expectations in line with reality, and don’t go overboard with the bathroom design if you either can’t afford it or don’t have the space for it.

If you need a second opinion, feel free to consult with experienced bathroom renovations specialists in Adelaide. Discussing your plans with the experts can help you properly gauge whether or not your goals are realistic and how best you can implement them.

4. Plan Your Layout

During this phase, you should take the time to get the exact measurements of fixtures you intend to purchase and the size of the bathroom to make sure everything fits together.

For renovations on existing bathrooms, if you plan on moving the sink, bath, shower or toilet, you may incur additional costs to move the corresponding water and waste pipes. It may be best to plan around your fixtures rather than forcing them around from a practical perspective.

If you’re building a bathroom instead, try visualising what walking around in the space will be like. Can you foresee yourself bumping into items accidentally? It may be a sign you’re trying to fit too much into the room.

Contemporary bathroom design can be tricky, so we recommend visiting your local bathroom renovation experts for this part. They have designers with years of experience creating well-designed layouts, allowing you to maximise your space and reducing the chance of making a significant mistake.

5. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper airflow is vital for any bathroom. Poor ventilation can lead to mould growth and condensation on the glass in your bath, not to mention lingering humidity from hot showers, which can spread to connecting rooms if you’re not careful.

Operable windows can significantly help with improving airflow in your bathroom. If your bathroom is located on the top floor, skylights are also a great way of ventilating the air in your bath.

You can also include a ventilation fan that leads to the outside as an additional measure. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it can undoubtedly help circulate air throughout the bathroom.

6. Have Good Lighting

Bright, natural light makes your bathroom appear much more welcoming and greatly deters mould growth. For natural lighting, windows and skylights are your best friends, while mirrors are a great way to reflect already existing light throughout your room.

For the night, you’ll want to have a light colour temperature that closely mimics daylight if you can, but you’re welcome to use warmer colour temperatures if it fits your desired ambience.

7. Make Room For Storage

Adequate storage space for your toiletries and essentials is something you’ll have to factor in for both convenience and aesthetics.

You can always have cupboards or shelves along the wall if you have the space. Still, if you want to be minimalist, you can create a recess or alcove in the wall itself to place your items and toiletries, which can save space and adds further personality to your bathroom at the same time.

At Style Bathrooms, we offer affordable and innovative bathroom renovations in Adelaide alongside custom bathroom designs. With over 20 years of specialist experience, contact us today to discuss how we can help with your bathroom remodeling.