Water Filter and Water Softeners for your Home – Style Bathrooms

Protect Your Family. Preserve Your Home

Clean Filtered Water

Style Bathrooms are pleased to now offer in partnership with BWT and Reece water filter and water softener products for your home water filtration systems for bathrooms.

Quality, longevity and safety are three key ingredients to create a happy and healthy home.

Water Softener Systems

To achieve this, BWT and Reece have released innovative filtration and softener systems to prevent foreign particles from infiltrating our water. Harsh materials in our water can promote the growth of mould and bacteria, risking our health, the quality of tapware and the quality of our hair and skin.

Bathroom Water Filtration

With over 100 years’ experience in manufacturing state of the art water filter and water softener products and the passion to preserve our planet, the BWT filters will significantly reduce the existence of foreign particles and contribute to your healthy and happy home!

To find out more about these exciting water filtration and softener systems, come and visit our showroom at: reece bathroom life™, 31 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067.