Tips To Renovate And Modernise Your Kitchen

Whether you’re rocking a run-down old kitchen or just feel its style could use a little sprucing up, there are plenty of fab ways to modernise the space. And given we spend so much time in this critical room of the house, it makes sense to put a bit of effort into getting it looking shmick.

Here are some of our top tips to keep your kitchen in style.

Swap out the flooring

Timeless vinyl and linoleum tiles characterise the older kitchen. And while these materials may evoke a charming vintage vibe, it’s not the look you want if you’re aiming for a cool contemporary space.

It’s a big job, but ripping up your flooring and fitting in something more modern will instantly transform your kitchen aesthetics. These days, wood, tile, and stone are all the rage—look for something that compliments your existing paint job. One sleek contemporary option is ceramic tiles that mimic the look of hardwood.

Lighten up the space

It’s amazing the effect a state-of-the-art light installation can have on making a kitchen appear more modern. If you’ve got a single fixture in the centre, swapping it out for a series of downward lights will instantly update your style.

Other cool and less costly options include, putting an abstract pendant light in on top of a kitchen island or using under lighting to brighten up your countertops. The more angles and directions you’ve got going, the more modern your kitchen will feel.

Open out your shelving

Closed cabinets and cupboards are a bit outdated these days, so consider installing open shelves in their place.

Unless your kitchen is incredibly cramped, you can use shelving to show off some of your favourite culinary possessions: cookbooks, fancy kitchenware, and priceless china. Anything organic will add a sense of life, so throw a vase full of flowers, a fruit bowl, or a pot plant into the mix. And if you’ve got a bit of empty wall space, there’s no harm hanging a picture or two.

Aim for open plan

Segregated cooking, dining, and living rooms are a thing of the past, as open spaces have now become the new norm. Breakaway from the outdated compartmentalised style of old and break down your walls to create an airy, open-plan space.

Now, knocking down partitions is a pretty big deal, so you’ll need to get an architect involved to confirm these aren’t load-bearing walls. The result, however, will be worth the worry as you’ll achieve a wide-open space without that pesky wall in the way. And even if you don’t gain much extra room, the area will still add a feel of space, and that’s all that counts.

Move in new metals

The metal fixtures of yesteryear could be holding you back if you’re going for a fresh new look. Cutting edge colours like brushed gold, copper, and matte aluminium can add an industrial-chic aesthetic to your kitchen, so consider re-doing a few fixtures here and there.

Cabinetry, faucets, light fixtures, and drawer pulls are all places that could use a bit of new brass—just be sure to go with a consistent theme that compliments the rest of the space.

Take out your upper cabinetry

All those old cabinets lining the top of your walls are making your kitchen feel crowded, so consider ripping them out to create the sensation of more space. You’ll still need somewhere to stash your stuff, though, so think about hammering in a few open shelves in their place. To spruce up the kitchen even more, you can throw in a few decorative items and paint the shelves.

Add some sitting space

Kitchens are a great place to congregate, so consider throwing in somewhere comfortable to sit. The classic option is the breakfast bar with skinny countertop stools positioned along one side, although a bench along the wall can work equally well. In either case, having somewhere for guests to sit and chat while you take care of the cooking will instantly make your kitchen feel more modern.

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