Tips On How To Utilise And Organise Your Bathroom Vanity

The vanity is such a crucial part of your bathroom in many different ways. From an interior design perspective, the vanity can make or break the overall appearance of your bathroom and determine what kind of aesthetic your bathroom has. Besides that, the vanity can also be the main provider of storage solutions for your bathroom.

This is why the best bathroom renovations in Adelaide will always take the bathroom vanity into serious consideration. Therefore, before you start your latest luxury bathroom renovation, make sure to plan out the different ways you can utilise and organise your bathroom vanity to make the most out of your bathroom.

Doored cabinets

This is a type of bathroom vanity design that is popular, tried, and true – the simple doored cabinet. A standard doored cabinet with open shelves inside is one of the best ways to utilise the space under the sink while keeping piping out of sight. It is also a great way to maximise storage without having to worry about appearances, since all your things will be kept inside the cabinet. Cabinets may seem a little old-fashioned to some, but there are plenty of modern designs out there to make your doored vanity cabinet look both stylish and luxurious.

Creative use of drawers

There are so many creative ways you can utilise drawers in your bathroom vanity. For starters, you could have a modern drawer unit that comes with its own tiers of multi-level drawers. Alternatively, you could customise your vanity further by having varying sizes and types of drawers built in. There are thin drawers that can be helpful for tight spaces, or double-depth drawers which are perfect for fitting larger appliances. Some drawers even come shaped to avoid hitting the sink and piping, designed with a notch that will wrap around the main pipe.

Open shelves

Open shelves are a good alternative design for bathroom vanities. Without the additional confinement of cabinets or drawers, having open shelves in your bathroom vanity can offer a larger and more versatile space for storage. This is an especially good option if you have a sink that takes up a lot of space under the counter, where drawers would not be a good option. When organised well with the help of baskets, for instance, an open-shelf vanity can also be very aesthetically pleasing.

Spice rack concept

When it comes to bathroom designs, it sometimes pays off to borrow concepts used in other parts of the house. Take the spice rack in the kitchen for example. It is a great way to keep many little bottles stored and displayed in an efficient and organised way, so why not implement that for your bathroom vanity? You can take it one step further and build in a vertical pull-out drawer in your vanity with interior shelves, just like a spice drawer from the kitchen.

Tool slots

This is a brilliant way to make customising your vanity drawer work for you. You can build slots into your vanity drawers or shelves that are specifically designed to hold commonly used tools, like a hairdryer, shaver, or so on. That way, you do not have to worry about finding extra space for these appliances in your general vanity space – and it also lets you feel like you are in a truly personalised, luxurious bathroom.

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