Tips on Choosing the Right Grout Colour for Your Tiles

If you’re in the process of doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel in Adelaide, there are a whole host of things you need to consider. The fixtures, the lighting, the colour theme, and the décor all play a critical role in your interior aesthetics, but have you taken the time to think about grout?
More than just a filler to hold tiles in place, grout is an essential design element in itself. And through careful consideration, a strategic selection of grout can massively enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to find the perfect grout for your bathroom or kitchen renovation in Adelaide..

Uniform grout and tile tones for a subtle look in smaller spaces

The Russian painter Kazimir Malevich took the art world by storm in the 50s with his abstract piece ‘White on white,’ and his simplistic style hasn’t fallen out of favour since. Tiles and grout with a uniform colour theme—be it white on white or black on black—blur the lines between tiles to create a smooth and seamless surface. And this featureless style doesn’t draw attention to the tiles, perfect when you want the eye to fixate on a dramatic element elsewhere in the room.

Uniform grout and tile tones make a room appear larger than life, so consider the style when you’re working with limited space. Contrasting grout, on the other hand, creates a visual barrier between tiles that can shrink the perception of space.

On the downside, light coloured grout gets filthy quite quickly, so you’ll need to factor in a bit of extra cleaning time.

Contrasting grout to make your tiles pop

If you’re tiling a larger area such as a spacious bathroom or open-plan kitchen, contrasting grout—best done as black on white or white on black—will see the tiles themselves become the star of the show. A strong contrast evokes a sense of vibrancy and energy to the room, drawing attention away from other elements and focusing the eye on the pattern of the tiles.

To pull off the contrasting look, don’t overcrowd the space with ornate fixtures and features. The tile pattern of choice needs to work in unison with your layout, so take the time to imagine different designs like herringbone, stepping strips, and basket weaves.

As black and white will be the dominant theme, avoid adding too much colour to maintain consistency. Contrasting grout tends to work better in uncluttered areas with ample space, and appears more subtle on the floor than on the walls.

Select The Right TilesColourful grout to accentuate your accents

Although coloured grout isn’t all that common, the style can work wonders to compliment your colour theme. Adding a vibrant lime grout to white tiles facing a green wall, for example, adds a fun-filled splash of colour to the room that exudes more energy than your standard shades of grey.
Be careful not to add a brightly-hued grout that contrasts with the tiles as you’ll end up with a busy and overly cluttered aesthetic—black or white tiles work best. A harmonious hue, on the other hand, adds a sense of uniformity and interest to the palette.

But beware: as the style is somewhat unconventional, future buyers might not love the look so you could find it harder to offload your home.

If you’re looking to do kitchen or bathroom renovations in Adelaide, then contact the experts at Style Bathrooms today. From choosing the fixtures and fittings to finding the perfect grout, the team can help you build the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.