Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Bathroom Renovation Contractor

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A bathroom renovation is an enormous project that requires considerable effort and expense to pull off. And the most critical player in the process is the contractor, so it’s crucial you can be sure they’re up to the job. The best way to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the construction industry is by asking a series of targeted questions and analysing the answers. Armed with your instinct and a little industry knowledge, you should be able to determine who is the right contractor for you.

Here are 10 questions you definitely shouldn’t feel afraid to ask.

Are all your employees insured?

You’re well within your rights to insist on contractors having the mandatory insurance to legally conduct their work. A fly-by-night operator who neglects to insure their employees would be putting you at risk as you may be liable if they get injured in your home.

Are all your employees licensed?

Likewise, it’s vital to ensure everyone on site has obtained the adequate government regulated licenses. If not, they may be unqualified to perform the job, and there could be serious legal ramifications as well.

Who will be working in my home?

It’s not paranoid to want to collect a list of names of the people that will work inside your home. After all, these people will have almost unrestricted access to your family and your possessions for the duration of the project.
It’s also an excellent way to determine how many bathroom renovation specialists the contractor will be bringing in. Using a specialist for individual tasks such as tiling, painting, and drywalling is a good indication that you’re dealing with a quality operator.

Do you usually take on projects of this scope?

Some contractors will focus on redesigns while others are experts at add-ons. Ideally, you want a contractor who boasts ample experience in projects that are similar to your own.

Can I see some examples of your past projects?

If a contractor claims to be an expert of that very same kind of project, you shouldn’t just take their word for it. Ask to see a portfolio for their previous work. If they have already posted their past bathroom renovations on their website, then ask a series of follow up questions.

Bathroom Renovations Project Examples

Could you pass on the details of any previous clients?

Browse the internet for online reviews, making a note of any consistent strengths and weaknesses. One bad review doesn’t mean much, but if numerous people complain about their negative experience which may include things such as poor punctuality, then you shouldn’t be surprised when they fail to turn up on time.

Aside from online reviews, the best way to acquire feedback from real customers is by asking your bathroom renovation contractor if they could share their contact details. If you succeed in getting in touch, be sure to ask them about the entirety of the process rather than just the end result.

What permits are required?

An unlicensed contractor may refuse to obtain the proper permits or claim they’re not necessary for the job. If that’s the case, give them a wide berth and opt for someone prepared to follow the rules.

What are the payment conditions?

It’s normal to pay a deposit, but it’s a red flag to pay everything up front in cash. Speak candidly with your contractor to determine how much is due and when. If they are also able to list the different steps in the bathroom renovation process in detail, you should have peace of mind that they have your best interests at heart.

How do you run your work site?

Determine what time they plan to start, whether they’ll clean up at the end of the day, and how they will to protect your valuables from accidental damage.

What does the contract cover?

Take the time to ask about the finer details of the contract, ensuring you understand what’s covered. Equally important is to establish what’s not included in the contract.

Assessing the quality and integrity of a bathroom renovation builder can be a challenging proposition. However, by asking these 10 questions up front, you’ll be well on your way to determining whether your prospective contractor is capable of delivering the goods. Contact Style Bathrooms today to start creating your dream bathroom experience!

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