Bathroom Safety – How We Can Help

Keeping you safe in your bathroom, not just when you’re older, is very important. The bathroom with its slippery floors and hard surfaces, is sometimes a recipe for disaster.

Safe Bathroom ShowerShower Area in the Bathroom

When choosing tiles, you must always consider the ‘slip factor’ and who will be using the bathroom; sometimes things that look nice in your bathroom can be a major hazard, especially if the floor is wet.

The average able-bodied person might be able to move around easily, but as people get older you might want to consider making things a little safer; for example,

  1. Providing a suitable shower stool or fixed seat is always a good idea, especially if you do have slippery floors.
  2.  Suitably placed grab rails can offer a world of assistance when washing or drying yourself. With the new designs on the market they are sleek and slender and even look good.
  3.  Slip mats or suitably graded floor tiles reduce the risk of falling and are essential in the average bathroom.
  4.  Using a hand-held shower head on a riser rail, you can direct water flow away whilst sitting or standing. You can even incorporate a riser rail which is a grab rail in disguise.
  5.  Selecting the correct shower head is essential as latest technology will increase water flow, maybe creating more than you require.
  6. If you do have a set down in your shower you can always use a wooden platform to eliminate a step down into your shower.
  7. Using a selection of washing tools in your shower can eliminate bending or stretching which may cause a fall; i.e. long handled back scrubber or wash mitten.

Walk In Bath for the Elderly, Disabled or Limited MobilityBath and Bathing

  1. When you have a bath over a shower it increases the risk when stepping in or out of the shower. We can supply walk in baths which have a door and a seat.
  2. Using an electric bath hoist can also be an option, sometimes you may just require a bath to relax or soak away your troubles.
  3. Again, using strategic grab rails is a great way to help you in and out of the bath.
  4. Slip mats and adhesive strips can also be placed in your bath to eliminate the risk of a fall or harm.

When Hot Water is Too Hot

Gone are the days of adjusting water temperatures using two taps, thermostatic mixers or thermostatically controlled water heaters are the answer. Using lever arms for ease, you can adjust your temperature by turning left or right, and the water pressure by back and forward.

We can upgrade your hot water system quite easily to a new more energy efficient system that will in time save you money on soaring electricity prices. These devices can be adjusted to create a maximum hot water temperature so even if you just had hot water flowing you wouldn’t be scalded.

Failing this, an anti-scald device can be added to your hot water pipe to eliminate any risk from scalding.

New Technology Taps

Taps have advanced as much as any device these days. You don’t even have to touch your tap to get your water flowing! Quarter turn taps which rotate through only 90 degrees reduce the amount of turning required and reduce the amount of wear and tear on the average tap.

A lever tap can be installed for those unable to turn a tap and can even be turned on and off using just your arms or elbows.

Foot controls or infrared sensors are available especially if turning a tap is difficult.

When we design a bathroom, we will take all these options into account to try and make your bathing experience enjoyable rather than a difficulty as you get older. We have all the latest designs and work with all the major suppliers.

Toilets for Disabled, Elderly or Limited Mobility

Toilets and getting on and off them are a sometimes problem, not just as we get older but for those with ailments or injuries. We can supply the latest technology in toilets, or just the higher seats, which make getting on and off easier.

The standard disability toilet can look a bit unattractive that’s why new toilets have been designed which look like a standard toilet but are just a few cms higher.
If you wanted to sit on the latest technology then they come with Bluetooth, speakers and a charging port!

Whilst taking into consideration the hygiene of a standard toilet the new designs on the market come without a rim which means no more cleaning and looking for germs. They also use a lot less water to flush the toilet, sometimes spending a bit more can save you money over a short space of time.

We can even supply frames that go over the toilet which act as grab rails to make things easier for you. We also do everything portable in this range, so it can be removed and cleaned or just removed out of the way.

Your Floor and Making Things Easy and Safe

When we design your bathroom, we will try and reduce any potential accidents for the future. We don’t just try and sell you what we think looks good. We want you to be safe many years after we have finished.

Style Bathrooms specialise in full wet rooms and no set down shower. As we like to say - Walk in Walk out.

Extra Ideas for your Bathroom Renovation

We can also future proof your bathroom for safety like replacing cheaper towel rails with more sturdy ones which double up as grab rails. We can remove big vanities for sleeker and less obtrusive ones giving you more room to dry and move around.

We can install special scalding devices which changes the water colour if it’s way above the desired setting.

You may want to consider using height adjustable chairs to sit and dry yourself.

We understand that not every bathroom needs a renovation, so why not contact us to see if we can make your bathroom safer or sleeker for longer use over time.

Style Bathrooms specialise in quality beautiful bathroom designs and work with all the major suppliers to achieve this.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for a No obligation Free quotation.

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