Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2019 to Look Out For

Bathroom Renovation Streaky Marble

Tired of the same outdated washroom designs? Looking to add a little pizazz to your bathroom renovation in 2019?

Bathroom interior design is changing all the time, and some of the latest styles to hit the scene are nothing short of breathtaking. Check out the following in-vogue bathroom trends to give your new water closet the chic modern look that it deserves. And trust us, these are the kind of trends that are here to stay.

The Classic Subway Tile

Famed for its simplicity and symmetry, the classic subway tile came into vogue a few years ago and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. Each plain white ceramic tile measures three by six inches and features a vintage glazed sheen, not unlike those old school New York City subway stations from the 1920s. Including this element in your bathroom renovation will definitely take the classiness to a whole new level.

The Stacked Long Vertical Tiling

The classic subway tile’s younger and more attractive cousin is the stacked long and skinny tile, which is set to become a hit in 2019 and beyond. Breaking away from convention, it shuns the traditional square design to overwhelm the viewer with its profound linear form.

Of course, stacked horizontal tiling can look equally as impressive – the ideal option really depends on what better complements your bathroom as a whole.

Bathroom Renovation Floating ToiletThe Floating Toilet

Floating features have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the toilet is certainly no exception. This distinguished design is distinctly modernist, leaving the onlooker with a sense of awe as they wonder where exactly all the refuse goes (horizontal plumbing is a thing!).

Another functional bonus is that they’re much easier to maintain. A quick run over with the mop is all you need to clean that troublesome lower section.

The Floating Vanity

Another elegant floating option to consider for your bathroom renovation is the vanity, which looks fantastic as it hovers about a foot off the bathroom floor. Note that the material makes a big difference in how effective the look will be, so opt for something timeless like polished timber. You may end up losing a little storage space but on the plus side, however, it’ll be easier to clean the area.

The Rounded Rectangular Vanity Mirror

Although the timeless right angle rectangular and rounded circular vanity mirrors are still attractive options, the rounded rectangular vanity presents an exciting modernist alternative. In a way, the stylish oblong shape provides us with the best of both worlds.

Unless you’ve got a vast space to work with for your bathroom renovation, you’ll want to stack it vertically rather than horizontally. All that’s left to do now is work out the ideal degree of curvature – some like them curvier than others!

Streaky Marble

Mother Nature is a talented artist, and some of her most majestic masterpieces can be found in marble. When spread over a large space such as a bathroom wall, its abstract streaky patterns create a sophisticated look that adds a touch of luxury to the space. The downside is that the lux feel comes from the fact that marble is super expensive. You might only want to consider this one if you’re flush (pun intended!) with cash.

Bathroom Renovation Borderless ShowerThe Borderless Shower

The lack of a door or curtain to create a defined border on your shower adds oodles of aesthetic appeal; an unconventional design that leaves the onlooker wondering where the shower ends and begins.

The great challenge here is ensuring the water goes down the drain rather than flooding the bathroom floor. Most bathroom renovation contractors choose to build a retaining wall about halfway across and use a steep enough gradient to control the flow.

Any of these catch your eye?

The aforementioned suggestions are the ideal way to add a modern touch to your upcoming bathroom renovation while ensuring it’ll remain in style for the years to come. For expert guidance on how to incorporate these ideas and more into your home, get in touch with the professional team at Style Bathrooms today. Simply ring (08) 8322 1794 or fill in the online contact form!