6 Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes to Avoid

With so many fixtures and features to consider, remodelling your kitchen is a monumental task.

If you focus too heavily on specific aspects, it can be easy to overlook some of the more critical considerations. And that will leave you with a costly repair bill or a kitchen that doesn’t do it for you—either outcome is far from ideal.

To help keep your kitchen renovation in Adelaide on track, we’ve put together a list of 6 simple mistakes to avoid.

1. Forgetting that function trumps form

Everybody wants a sleek, Instagrammable kitchen these days, but what’s the point of an aesthetically pleasing space if it’s not fit for purpose? Most Aussie families use their kitchen for cooking every single day, so it’s crucial to consider function over form.

Dark and moody kitchens may look suave, but they create a feeling of claustrophobia (not to mention a tripping hazard) in a confined space. And if you’re known to cook with excessively aromatic recipes, you might want to avoid the open-plan kitchen idea, so you don’t choke out the hubby and kids. Open shelves are another one to reconsider; they look hip in 2020, but how often will you have to dust down your oversized cookware collection?

Kitchen trends come and go, but a fully functional and efficient kitchen space will serve you well for decades to come.

2. Neglecting your storage space

It’s easy to lose track of just how much stuff you’ve got stowed away in the kitchen. But those mountains of pots and pans and that whole cupboard full of Tupperware take up a surprising amount of space, so you need to make room to store it all. Even if you’re big on minimalism and de-cluttering, it’s wise to plan for a bit more space than you think you need.

And don’t be tricked into believing you can add a freestanding shelf further down the track. While possible, these don’t tend to complement the overarching style of the room and often end up creating even more clutter.

3. Not planning your inner cabinet storage

It’s not enough to add a bit of extra storage space; you also need to consider the most efficient way to use it. The intelligent organisation of your inner cabinetry will allow you to store more stuff than ever before, and it’ll be easier to access it all as well.

Pull-out draws are a godsend in a cluttered kitchen, especially for the older chef whose back doesn’t want to bend down and rummage through the bottom of a cupboard. Consider installing pull-out draws for your cookware so you can access your favorite wok without the worry of back strain.

Racks that compartmentalise your storage space also work a treat, providing a logical way to divvie up the lids and the pots or the trays and the pans.

4. Underestimating your countertop requirements

Cooking requires space—and lots of it. Much like storage space, many homeowners may underestimate their countertop requirements, ultimately creating a crowded kitchen with insufficient room to work with.

As much as we like to consider ourselves impeccably organised, the truth is we leave an assortment of appliances and kitchenware all over the place. And if you’ve got a subpar countertop plan, you won’t even have room to spread your vegemite in the morning.

5. Going against the triangle theory

Every seasoned chef knows you need to have easy access between the kitchen’s top three areas: the sink, the stove, and the fridge. And that doesn’t mean bunching them all up close together; the ideal layout follows the ‘triangle theory’ by positioning each hotspot in a triangle shape rather than a straight row.

Ideally, every key area should be no more than about 120cm apart, although this figure can be relaxed for extra-large kitchens. Just be sure there’s nothing in the way, so you get a smooth transition between the three.

6. Putting off your appliance shopping

If you’re planning an overhaul of your kitchen appliance collection, you need to purchase these (or at least decide on the make and model) before work can begin. Otherwise, your dishwasher or oven of choice probably won’t fit in its allocated space.

And that doesn’t only apply to the big appliances, either. Measure your espresso machine, juice maker, and food processor, etc., to gauge whether you’ve planned enough countertop space.

If you’re ready to start planning your kitchen remodel in Adelaide, then get in touch with the expert team at Style Bathrooms today. With over two decades of experience designing quality renovations in the region, Style Bathrooms has got what it takes to make your brand new kitchen shine.