5 Tips on How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Having an eco-friendly home has become more and more important in recent years, with many of us being very aware of the push towards eco-friendly living. From solar panels to double pane windows, there are a variety of different options available that help reduce energy consumption. The bathroom can commonly be one of the smallest rooms in the home that drains plenty of energy. It’s a place we might only use a couple of times per day but by ensuring that it is energy efficient, can make a whole world of difference for the environment.

Making your home eco-friendly can feel like a daunting task but through these 5 simple tips, you can change your bathroom to achieve easy, green living that’s both functional and stylish, while also allowing you to save money.

1) Style and Design

One of the top considerations for an eco-friendly bathroom, is to decide what you do with items once you’ve finished with them. It’s important to consider not only the permanent fixtures in your bathroom but your temporary products too. Are they biodegradable? Can they be reused or refilled?

When considering which materials to use in the bathroom, be sure to source recycled tiles and vintage fixtures like faucets, as well as bamboo products. Bamboo can be an excellent choice for an eco-friendly bathroom. As a renewable material that doesn’t wither once it’s cut down, but instead regenerates, bamboo products can be found everywhere from toilet paper, to towels and even bathroom sets.

Choosing the best quality products and using as much natural material as possible throughout your bathroom will help prevent items being disposed of at the landfill, while saving money on replacements.

2) Water

One of the key factors in pressuring our planet and the worst culprit for it in the home, is water wastage. Shorter showers are always a good idea but installing eco-fixtures to your shower head and taps is the easiest way to become water efficient. This allows for low water flow without compromising on pressure.

The toilet uses more water than either your shower or washing machine, so it’s important to invest in a dual flush system to help keep your water consumption low.

3) Lighting

Using natural light as much as possible is a great way to cut down on your energy usage. The best way to get natural light streaming into your bathroom is by getting rid of blinds and replacing clear windows with frosted glass for privacy. Depending on how much space you have, a skylight can be an ingenious way to also add bursts of natural light. Hanging a large mirror could also help reflect natural light and create a bright, open space. Be sure that any lighting you do have in your bathroom is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

4) Heating

Maintaining a hygienic, comfortable bathroom is only possible with an efficient heating system. A system that is inept can be costly, not only for your pocket but also the environment. Be sure to invest in infrared heat lamps, as they’re a great long-term solution. These heat lamps will only instantaneously heat the person drying off and not the whole bathroom.

5) Ventilation

Proper, effective ventilation is integral for keeping your bathroom eco-friendly. Steam build-up will cause mould and mildew to grow, and is not only bad for your health but can ruin the paint, while eating away at your tile grouting. It’s important to ensure your air ventilation system is top-notch to help reduce steam and mould, which in turn will minimise your need to use harsh chemicals to clean.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window to open, be sure to replace a standard fan with a model fitted with back draught flaps. This allows your fan to automatically close when the exhaust fan is not in use, thus preventing warm air escaping and minimising heating and cooling costs.

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