5 Best Accessories To Decorate Your Bathroom

Style Bathrooms RenovationsIf you are considering or in the midst of ongoing bathroom renovations in Adelaide, then an important thing that you will need to think about is how to accessorise your new bathroom. The finishing touch of the right bathroom accessories can truly make a difference and complement the bathroom designs in Adelaide.

While everyone has their own unique style and interior design ideas, here are our suggestions for accessories that will completely transform your bathroom into a decor haven.

1. Stylish mirror

A bathroom mirror does so much more than just show your reflection. These days, there are many styles and designs to choose from and each type of mirror will have a different overall effect on your bathroom.

For example, a large, wall-to-wall mirror will make your bathroom space seem bigger. Meanwhile, a mirror that comes with its own lighting will provide additional brightness to your room and also bring about a touch of extra glamour. Remember that mirrors come in other shapes besides square, rectangle, or round – an octagon or honeycomb-shaped mirror would feel a lot more creative.

2. Tiered shelf units

If you think this sounds boring, then take it as a sign that you need to get a more exciting, aesthetically pleasing shelf for your bathroom. Tiered shelf units are a smart choice as they take up less floor space even as they help you keep all your things neat and organised.

When it comes to shelves, the material is what makes all the difference in its appearance. Consider getting a unit made of sleek matte steel for a modern edge or go for a more organic look with natural wood.

3. Bath caddy

A bath caddy is a tray designed to rest across your bathtub so you have easy access to everything you need to relax during your bath. It can hold your book, scented candle, glass of wine, or any other necessities required for a truly relaxing, pampering soak.

Besides that, having a bath caddy can really transform the whole look of your bathroom. One glance at your bathtub complete with a bath caddy can make you feel like you have your very own at-home spa.

4. Potted plants

If you think your bathroom is lacking in natural and earthy vibes, the addition of a potted plant can do wonders. Plants can help create an energetic feel, and putting them in your bathroom also means that you have something green to look at when you start your day every morning.

Aloe vera, spider plants, and peace lilies are some examples of plants that would do well in your bathroom. You can also choose between hanging plants and those on the floor on or on a counter. Don't forget to browse around for stylish pots that could really amp up decor in the room as well!

5. Decorative lighting

Good bathroom lighting is important, especially if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom primping your appearance. However, your bathroom lights can also be a major decorative aspect of your bathroom interior.

Imagine what your bathtub would look like if it had a lovely chandelier over it – or how your adding accent lighting can provide plenty of visual interest to a room. If you're not well-versed in the range of lighting options, this article which explains the different types of lighting could be useful.

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