2020 Australian Bathroom Design Trends To Look Out For

When it comes to making the most out of your bathroom, it’s important to make sure that you’re on trend. Being stylish in this day and age has never been so essential when scrolling through your Instagram feeds. Your most frequently used wet area in your home deserves all the attention it can get, so without further ado, check out these amazing Australian bathroom design trends to look out for in 2020.

1) Free-standing Vanity

Versatile and diverse, the free-standing vanity is an essential addition to your bathroom in 2020. A sink that doubles up as furniture naturally adds storage cleverly in your bathroom without making the space constricted. Free standing vanities are a great option in being the unique focal point of your bathroom, while also allowing you to save money during a tight renovation by skimming on tiles.

2) Elevated Tapware

Elevated tapware is an excellent alternative to more common bathroom accents seen elsewhere. Brass has had strong moments in the past and isn’t expected to disappear in the new year however, clean lines and simple silhouettes will become excellent design choices for wall-mounted tapware. With a wide range of accent details and handle options to choose from, elevated tapware is a unique opportunity to express your personality. Handles are easily interchangeable without the need of a plumber, allowing you to switch your tapware whenever you fancy a change.

3) Patterned Tiles

Traditional Moroccan concrete tiles in modern design have been highly popular for a number of years. This year, expect this tile trend to be everyone’s obsession. With the use of peach and blush tones, your patterned tiles can be brave, bold and exciting, as well as a fresh way of seeing in the new decade.

4) Luxurious Minimalism

Home bathrooms are increasingly turning towards aesthetics found in boutique hotels offering calm settings with retreat-style luxury. A minimal bathroom can tend to call for statement finishes and in 2020, it’s important to opt for previously mentioned free-standing vanities, as well as bathtubs to add a truly 5-star feel to your space. Your main colour scheme should also be simple and elegant for your tapware to truly shine.

5) Task Lighting

Lighting can be tricky when trying to set the right mood in your bathroom, while ensuring there’s ample lighting at your mirror. Feature lighting options in retro and playful shades will have a big impact in 2020. A wall-mounted sconce can add a touch of intrigue visually, while also being highly practical in setting the correct ambience that you desire.

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