Top Six Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Bathroom DesignHaving a small bathroom might make it feel like you are working at a disadvantage, but don’t fret. There are plenty of things that you can do to make a small bathroom look better and have improved functionality.

There are plenty of simple bathroom designs that can work for a renovation for a small bathroom. Here are a few simple ideas for small bathrooms that can dramatically improve your bathroom renovations in Adelaide.

1. Define Zones

Space is of premium importance for a small bathroom. So, how do you maximise that space most effectively? Start with the zoning method, which is a way of dividing or assigning a space into zones. It is a simple way of making a room feel much bigger than it is.

That might mean keeping the toilet quite close to the sink, but with the right backsplash behind the sink and panelling behind the toilet, they can be physically separated and feel like two entirely different spaces. All of which works to create a psychological sense of distance between them.

2. Oval Bath

Want another method for creating the illusion of space? Go with an oval bathtub instead of a common rectangular one. Your bath does not even have to be connected to the wall, even though this is most common in bathrooms today.

Having an oval bath means not having corners on the bath, which can give the appearance of more space since you will be able to see more of the floor. Unfortunately, those gained inches don’t provide space that you can effectively use, but an oval bath can at least make the bathroom feel and look a lot bigger.

3. Wall-Mounting

Vanities and sinks can take up a lot of space in a bathroom. Mounting vanities or sinks to the wall instead of having these units stand upon the floor can effectively optimise bathroom space.

You can find the right colours for any wall mounted sinks or vanities to complement the rest of your bathroom, and being able to see more of the floor will give the illusion of greater space.

4. Utilise Wall Space

Don’t have a lot of floor space to utilise? Make the most out of the space on your bathroom walls by adding shelving for storage that can replace large and hefty benchtops. Effective storage spaces also mean less items that are visible, which make a room feel less cluttered and more vast.

The goal of creating a greater sense of space in a small bathroom should be to keep things simple and clean. The more floor space you can see, the bigger the room will feel.

5. Light Colours

If you have a small bathroom layout, you can keep the colour palette as bright and light as possible. Lighting is a crucial factor that can create a greater sense of space.
With lighter colours and a little bit of natural light, you can make the entire space feel not just brighter and more appealing, but also much bigger too. It’s a great way to really maximise the feel of the space without actually creating any additional space.

Delightful small bathroom with a cozy sink and plenty of cabinets

6. Mirrors

Having a sizable mirror can also work to create a much bigger-looking space and positively affect the distribution of light in a bathroom.

A reflective surface bounces light back into the room and can not only create a lighter overall room, but it can elongate a room as well. This all gives the appearance of a larger bathroom. The tip to take away here is this: maximise reflective light in order to maximise perceived space.

Get the Experts to Help You Out

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