Six Must-Know Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathrooms come in many different designs and layouts, and it can be hard to decide what to do when you are ready to renovate. If you want to create the perfect space that is calming, beautiful, and has a clean look, you should follow certain tips. It will help you narrow down your choices and create the bathroom that is ideal for you.

1. Always Start with a Budget

When you are deciding on the best bathroom renovations in Adelaide, you need to start with your budget. Bathroom renovations can vary widely in cost, so if you don’t start with a plan, you could quickly find yourself spending more than you want to spend. Start by researching costs for the things you plan to do. Consider a few other factors, such as when you might plan to sell, whether you need to change the location of fixtures, and what is essential. Finally, decide what you can afford, and work with that number.

2. Plan the Layout

When you have your budget, you can consider your layout. Keep in mind that moving fixtures and having to redo the plumbing is a lot more expensive than keeping them in the same location. If your layout works, you should strongly consider keeping it. If it was poorly designed and you need to make some changes, make sure that you consult a plumber to find out what the cost will be. If you have a large space, you will have more options, and you should draw it out to decide what you want to do.

3. Choose Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of your bathroom design. If you have windows with natural lighting, it will make your bathroom brighter and airier. If you are lacking windows, consider adding a skylight to bring it in. Your mirror choices can also help brighten up the room and make it feel larger.
You should consider several different artificial lights. You can have recessed LED lights on a dimmer switch for general lighting, and then have a light fixture above your vanity that gives off soft light. You should avoid harsh lights and bare bulbs around the vanity. Make sure that you have light in the shower and one over the tub as well.

4. Put Thought Into Your Materials

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, and it suffers a lot of wear and tear. You need to use durable materials that can handle exposure to water and chemicals from cleaning. It is important to use high-quality materials where you need to. You should choose a nonporous tile such as porcelain. You should also avoid cabinets made of inferior materials such as particleboard. When you choose fixtures, porcelain will last longer than fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. The same is true of your plumbing fixtures; those that are solid brass will last longer than plastic.

5. Make Sure You Have Ventilation

Another important feature in your bathroom is your ventilation. A well-ventilated bathroom is less prone to mould and mildew, and it helps reduce dampness. You can add ventilation in exhaust fans or window vents. Consider an exhaust fan with a timer, and make sure it is installed in a place where it will be most effective for drawing moisture out of the bathroom. When you are creating bathroom designs in Adelaide, you will want to include ventilation.

6. Adding Luxury Items

If your budget allows it, you might want to add a few upgrades to your bathroom. You can consider a heated floor, which makes a big difference in the winter. Heated towel bars are also wonderful for warming your towel, and you can mount items on the wall, such as cabinets or washbasins. This is great if you want a modern bathroom design.

Final Words

Bathroom renovations can be exciting, but you need to be organised and plan out what you are going to do. First set your budget, and you can plan everything else from there. Choose your layout and decide on your lighting and your ventilation, and then consider adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom as a special treat.

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