4 Signs Your Bathroom Needs an Upgrade

Is it time to upgrade a bathroom in your home? There are a few signs to look out for that’ll tell you if you’re in need of a bathroom renovation in Adelaide, either a complete or partial makeover for this often-used room in your home.
In this article, we’ve considered four of the biggest reasons why people decide to update their bathrooms. Read on and see if any (or even all) of them apply to your home!

It Isn’t Safe or Has Been Damaged

Bathroom renovation

Perhaps the biggest and most urgent need for complete bathroom renovations in Adelaide or anywhere is safety. Many accidents that happen at home happen in the bathroom, mostly because of wetness. This becomes even more urgent if there are children or elderly folks living in your home.

Newly renovated bathrooms can include non-slip floors and showers, adjustable lighting for night time, grab bars and modern outlets that are better designed for hair dryers and other equipment, and more.
Sometimes, outdated mechanisms such as improper ventilation can lead to more serious problems, such as the growth of dangerous mould or mildew. These can spread to other parts of your home, causing even more issues down the road.

Even if safety isn’t the issue, damage such as cracked tiles, rusty hardware, and broken towel racks reduce functionality and make bathrooms an unpleasant place to spend time in.

It Doesn’t Work for Your Family Bathroom renovation

It’s wonderful when bathrooms look pretty, but if it isn’t functional, it really doesn’t matter how it looks.
Perhaps you didn’t care about having a bathtub until you had a baby, or maybe you have teenagers sharing a bathroom with little or no counter space. Alternatively, someone in your home may need an accessible shower or bars and rails installed.

Whatever the reason, even if it worked for you in the past, there’s no reason to simply live with something that is no longer functional for you. Often, specific issues such as these don’t necessitate a complete renovation, but consulting with a renovation or design expert can help you determine your best option for improving the workability of your bathroom.

There’s No Storage

Right alongside functionality, storage issues can also be addressed with quality bathroom renovations. Lack of bathroom storage is not only inconvenient if you’re having to leave the room to fetch needed items, but it is also not aesthetically pleasing if your counters and other spaces are cluttered. Nothing makes a space look dirty and chaotic faster than clutter.

There are many clever ideas for increasing storage in bathrooms. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding under-sink cabinets or shelving. Think about utilising all the space with small storage units.

The Décor Is Outdated or Not to Your Liking

Bathroom renovation

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially at the very beginning and end of our days, times when it is crucial that our environments be relaxing and welcoming. If you simply just don’t like your bathroom and want a change, it is time to consider bathroom renovations in Adelaide.

The cost of quality bathroom renovations may be initially off-putting, but remember the benefits that it will give to your overall quality of life. In addition, complete bathroom renovations in Adelaide have been shown to dramatically increase a home’s value beyond the costs of the renovations themselves. If you plan to sell any time in the near future, this is a great way to earn more money in the long run.

On the other hand, sometimes upgrading one feature or area of the bathroom is enough. Replacing an outdated bathtub with a walk-in shower is transformative, but a fresh coat of paint in a happy colour or brighter lighting can also spruce up a tired, old bathroom.

If you identified with one of these scenarios, it’s definitely time to consider at least a partial upgrade. If you found yourself nodding along with two, three, or even (gasp!) all four of them, then you might even need a complete bathroom renovation.

Spend some time browsing bathroom ideas that you like, and then consult the experts at Style Bathrooms. Whether you are thinking of a complete bathroom renovations in Adelaide remodel or just some upgrades here and there, Style Bathrooms has the skills and experience to offer you exactly what you are searching for – so get in touch with our friendly team today.